Apply Vietnam visa for Uruguay

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Apply Vietnam visa for Uruguay

vietnam visa   Apply Vietnam visa for Uruguay

Apply Vietnam visa for Uruguay

Apply Vietnam visa for Uruguay can be done by two waysapplying at the nearest Vietnam Embassies or applying online and picking visa on arrival up when coming to the destination airport.

  1. Applying visa at the nearest Vietnam Embassy

This way should be chosen by the Uruguay applicants who live near the Embassy.

Process as well as procedure of applying visa will be instructed by the Embassy staffs.

Documents are required at the Embassy consisting of

–  A Vietnam visa application form (can buy at the Embassy or download at site

– An original passport with the expiry date of at least 6 months.
– An envelope with stamps available, address and telephone number.
– 2 photos 4 x 6cm (less than 3months).

Visa fee must be paid once in advance by cash. Please refer details at the article Vietnam visa fee.

2. Applying visa online and picking up visa on arrival at the destination airport of Vietnam.

            This way should be chosen by the Uruguay applicants who live far from Vietnam Embassies and do not wish to post the original passport. This way is also advised for the applicants who want to avoid the hassles at the Embassy.

In stead of having to go to the Embassy, the applicants can stay at home and complete the online steps for having a Vietnam visa application form. This paperwork along with passport and photos will allow the travelers to get visa on arrival when they coming to the Vietnam International airport.

No requirement of documents when asking for a visa approval letter. Time for getting it will last maximum 2 days. For a shorter time, the applicants can use the supper urgent service.

Fee of applying visa online must be paid in two stages: service fee paid for the agent to have the visa approval letter and stamping fee paid for the immigration officers at the immigration gates to have visa on arrival.

For more information of applying visa online, please refer the article Vietnam visa on arrival for Uruguay.

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