Applying a visa to Vietnam may be easier than any other countries

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Applying a visa to Vietnam may be easier than any other countries

vietnam visa   Applying a visa to Vietnam may be easier than any other countriesHave you ever applied visa and gone to other countries? If yes, you must find that getting Vietnam visa a really simple process. Here are some reasons why it is easier to get a visa to Vietnam than any other countries.

- Quickly: Sometimes, your plan to Vietnam is urgent for business and you do not have visa in hand. For this case, let apply evisa or get a visa to Vietnam during 4 hours. It seems to be easier even than book a flight ticket.

- Simple: All the information you need to provide for a visa application include: name, date of birth, arrival date and passport number. Sending off your passport is not necessary, you will not need an income report, any invitation letters from the Representative office in Vietnam or your Vietnamese partners,..

- Hassle-free: For some countries, you are required to provide the Immigration officers with a return ticket proof, detailed travel plan or place you will stay while travelling but you don’t have to provide such things for Vietnam visa.

- Peace of mind: Please believe that after making an application, your visa will be approved at least 90 % unless you go against its laws or Immigration policy. Vietnam welcomes all travelers to the country.

- Cheap: In comparison with other countries, getting a Vietnamese visa is relatively cheap.

Finally, we hope that getting Vietnam visa can give you a comfort and help do your travel to Vietnam easily and relaxed.

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