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Can Tho, Vietnam

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Located in the center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is the biggest city on the south bank of  Hau Giang, the bigger branch of Mekong River. Administratively, Can Tho City constitutes an independent municipality at the same level as Vietnam’s provinces. It was created in the beginning of 2004 by a split of the former Can Tho Province into two new administrative units: Can Tho City and Hau Giang Province. Can Tho has a very special geographical location. It is contiguous to An Giang on the North, to Dong Thap on the north-east, Hau Giang on the south, Kien Giang on the west, and Vinh Long on the east. The system of rivers and canals in Can Tho is quite complex consisting of  Hau Giang, and Can Tho rivers, Thot Not, O Mon canals. With the Hau River which is considered a benefactor of this region, since yearly floods deposit large quantities of alluvia to the rice fields and the climate which is harmonized with few of storms, hot and humid all year, rainy season lasts from May to November, and dry season lasts from December to April and the annual average temperature is 27ºC,  Can Tho becomes “the green lungs of the Mekong Delta”.

Can Tho used to be called as name: “Tay Do” and is over its 200 years as the main town. Now it is one city of Vietnam. Because of owning so many rivers and canals, therefore all of economic, culture activities closely relate to river and canals which like the ‘street’. Can Tho is not so noisy as other big city but it has a simple, poetic beauty with well-off villages under shade of coconut trees. Only need to apply Vietnam visa and come to Can Tho, tourists can be friends with rivers and canals by taking a boat trip along the riverbanks on fine weather days.


If  tourists like shopping, Can Tho can satisfy your hobby. Instead of going shopping on foot, here you can find out everything on the water. A boat can give you a lot of advantages in the region – tourists use it to travel for buying and other people use boats for selling everything. You will see a market on the river fulling of fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, oranges, jackfruit, pomeloes, grapefruit, but also custard apple, corossol, longans or even durian. Besides, drink and snack vendors are served both tourists and locals. There are many supermarkets in Cantho such as : Coopmark (Hoa Binh st), Metro Hung Loi(91B), Citymark, Maximark… – Cantho Market at Cai Khe


Can Tho is 34km from Vinh Long, 62km from Long Xuyen, 63km from Soc Trang, 104km from My Tho, 116km from Rach Gia, 117km from Chau Doc, 169km from Ho Chi Minh City and 179km from Ca Mau. Because of the above reason, tourists can choose among ways to travel can Tho province. Travelling by car or local minibus will offer tourists better and better services and departing every hour or so from the Saigon Western bus station. Moving by boat is another choice. There is no regular service any more (there used to be hydrofoils, but they were prone to breakdowns and provoked accidents), but it is still possible to go to Can Tho on the river: Or you can rent a speedboat and take a one-stretch run from Saigon, which is rather tiring but is a good way to zoom across the great sceneries of the Mekong delta. Taking a cruise is more relaxing because it give you opportunities to set foot on the banks and visit villages, without compromising on the service and quality. The Bassac runs on regular overnight cruises towards Can Tho and provides high-end services, including air-con 24 hours a day and all meals cooked on board, including the breakfast.

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