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Ca tru singing – Intangible Cultural Heritage

Brief introduction             Anyone who has ever listened to the call-and-response dialogue song, can’t refuse that the most important catalyst in the development of contemporary Vietnamese folkloric performance was the appearance of the call-and-response dialogue song. It’s these kinds of songs have created a significant role in forming the Vietnamese culture values. Here I want […]

Annual Poetry Day will be held on 17th january

  In order to mark the 100th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh who left the country in 1911 to seek ways for national salvation from the French colonists, the Vietnam Writers Association will take place a Poetry Day in Hanoi, Nghe An and Ho Chi Minh city on February 17. It is also a day […]

Lunar January, month of festivals

Being Vietnamese people, you must know a famous sentence: “the lunar January is a month for playing and attending festivals”. Although that saying only mentions the lunar January but the spring festivals ofen last until the lunar March. Because, following to wet rice civilization, Vietnamese people believe that when spring comes, the fun of harvest […]

Lucky money – a nice New Year custom

 Whenever Tet comes, everyone feels eager but the children often like Tet most because of many reasons such as being bought new cloth, taken to many places and got lucky money. Giving money on the occasion of New Year, with desires that better things will happen in future, has become an indispensable custom of the […]

Special Foods for Tet Celebrations

The Lunar new year of Vietnamese people, 2011 is going to come. Every one are eager to wait for Tet. Tet means people have to clean and decorate the house, pay off the debts, pay respects to their family and friends and most importantly — eat better than other normal days. Vietnamese Tet is always […]

Exporting traditional Tet food specialties

The lunar new year festival is going to come. It is also a chance for importing goods to meet the demand of people during Tet as well as exporting traditional Vietnamese goods to other countries. In the occasion many Vietnamese goods such as, pickled Welsh onion, square sticky rice cake, traditional jams, sugar-coated fruit and […]

Da Nang International Airport

Besides Noi Bai and Tan San Nhat International airport, coming to Vietnam foreigners can stop at Da Nang international airport which is located in Da Nang, the largest city in central Vietnam and is the third international airport in the country. Danang International Airport is the principal airport serving Danang City in the centre of […]

Diverse programmes for Tet festival by Ethnology museum

Tet is a traditional festival of Vietnamese so if having any chances, please apply Vietnam visa about from half a month to 30 days and get to this country to see and enjoy celebrations every where in Vietnam.             Music, food and games will be the official programmes for this Lunar New Year celebration by […]

Vietnam listed top 12 countries in long-term tourism growth

In year 2010, Vietnam gained a lot of success of tourism and the resulting is Vietnam’s tourism directly contributed VND 73,800 billion to the gross national products (GDP), accounting for 3.9 per cent of the nation’s GDP. The labor force directly working in this field is nearly 1,397 million ones, equal to 3 percent of […]

The first New Year cruise liners anchored off Da Nang city

  Da Nang welcomed a new year – 2011 with an event of travel. 650 international tourists on two luxury cruise ships anchored off Da Nang city on January 11 in order to begin a tour of the world’s cultural heritage sites in the central region.   Following the above information, one of the cruise […]

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