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Con Dao Island

Con Dao – top 10 romantic tourist spots in 2010

Following Halong, Con Dao Island has been chosen by the UK publishing company Lonely Planet to enter the top 10 best inlands in 2011 for romantic vacations.

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Con Dao – Con Son, largest of the islands in the Con Dao Archipelago, became a French penal colony in 1862. Thereafter the prison became known as the ‘Hell of South East Asia’ but nowadays, especially in the wedding season this year, it becomes famous as romantic destinations where a lot of young couples spend their honeymoon, according to the Saigon Travel Service Company (Saigontourist),

Along with Con Dao Island in the top 10 are Yemen’s Cocotra, Australia’s Torres Strait, Japan’s Yaeama, Guyana’s Illes du Salut, the RoK’s Ulleungdo, Panama’s San Blas, Taiwan’s Pengu, Honduras’ Bay and Hog island and Uganda’s Ssese.

The other nine locations are the Norwegian Fjords, the Amazon River, the Franklin River in Australia, the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, the Kerala backwaters in India, New Zealand’s Milford Sound Bay, the Greek islands, Disco Bay in Greenland, and the Galapagos Archipelago off the coast of Ecuador.

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