Da Lat tourist destination – Vietnam visa multiple entry

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Da Lat tourist destination – Vietnam visa multiple entry

Vietnam visa multiple entry – Da Lat is a provincial city and the provincial town of Lam Dong province, located on the Lam Vien Plateau, at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level and natural area: 393.29 km ². Dalat is Vietnam Prime Minister acknowledged that grade 1 to March 24, 2009. This is one of 6 grade 1 province.

With many beautiful landscapes, Dalat is one of the famous tourist city of Vietnam. During the French colonial period, the Latin name Aliis Laetitiam Aliis Temperiem Dat means “this for the fun, for others the cool”. Dalat is known is the city flower, love the city, spring city, city fog

Da Lat City in the Lang Bian Plateau, the northern province of Lam Dong province, north of Da Lat adjacent to Lac Duong district, to the east and southeast borders with Don Duong district, to the west and southwest with two Lam Ha and Duc Trong district. Hundreds of years ago, Da Lat is the province of residence of the Creek, which is the entire population of the Lang Bian Plateau. Da Lat has an area of ??400 km ², surrounded by high peaks and mountains in a row:

 vietnam visa   Da Lat tourist destination   Vietnam visa multiple entry
Dalat city – Vietnam visa multiple entry

• North and Northwest Choromui limited range, Yo Da Myut (1,816 m), based in northwest foothills of Chu Yang Kae (1,921 m), the populations of Lang Bian paint which is the highest peak of Chu Yang Sinh (1,408 m).

• East of the foothills of Bi Doup (2,278 m) plateau slopes down Dran.

• The Southeast For sure by Proline range (1,629 m).

• The South and Southwest Elephant Mountains (1,754 m) and Yang Soreng wrapped. Climate

 vietnam visa   Da Lat tourist destination   Vietnam visa multiple entryDalat city – Vietnam visa multiple entry

Due to the effects of altitude and forest cover, Da Lat carry many characteristics of temperate regions. The average temperature 18-21 ° C, the highest temperature never exceeding 30 ° C and the lowest not less than 5 ° C. Da Lat has two distinct seasons. The rainy season from May to October, the dry season from November to April. Often rainy summer afternoon, sometimes hail. Average annual rainfall is 1562 mm and 82% humidity. Dalat never storm, only affected by the storm winds blowing in from the sea because there are no mountains on the eastern edge shielding.


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