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Besides Noi Bai and Tan San Nhat International airport, coming to Vietnam foreigners can stop at Da Nang international airport which is located in Da Nang, the largest city in central Vietnam and is the third international airport in the country. Danang International Airport is the principal airport serving Danang City in the centre of Vietnam. It is situated on flat, sandy ground on the south side of the major port city of Da Nang, the area was ideal for an airfield, having unobstructed approaches to its north/south runways

History: The airport was originally built by the French in 1940 and then expanded by the Americans during the Vietnam War. After the war, the facility was used by the French Air Force during the French Indochina War (1945–1954). In 1955, the newly-established Republic of Vietnam Air Force inherited from the French a token force of fifty-eight aircraft. These included a few squadrons of Cessna L-19 observation aircraft, C-47 transports and various utility aircraft. Tourane Airfiled was turned over to civilian use, with the South Vietnamese using facilities at Bien Hoa, Nha Trang and at Tan Son Nhut, near Saigon. During the year 2006, Da Nang Airport counted one million passengers annually (40,000 international passengers), the first time since 1975 it had reached this level.

Facilities: The airport has two 3,048m (10,000ft) x 45m parallel runways (17-35 orientation) capable of handling large, modern aircraft such as B747s, B767s and A320s. In addition to the domestic services offered, there are also weekly flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and Siem Reap. The airport also plans to offer flights in the near future to Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Da Nang International Airport has two 10,000-foot (3,048 m) paved, parallel runways (17-35 orientation) capable of handling large, modern aircrafts. Traffic volume at Da Nang averages 100 to 150 flights every 24 hours. Annual traffic was circa 1.45 million in 2007 and is expected to reach four million by 2020. A new 20,000m² terminal, priced at USD $84 million with a capacity of 4 million passengers per year, is scheduled for completion in 2010. The new terminal will include five boarding gates, baggage handling systems, departure and arrivals areas, flight information display system, common user terminal equipment, fire detection systems and comprehensive public address and security systems, including screening equipment. Additionally, one of the airport’s two runways will be extended from 3,048 metres (10,000 ft) to 3,500 metres (11,483 ft). Once this project is completed—after a total investment of USD $160 million—the airport will have a total capacity of six million passengers per year.

Da Nang Expansion project: Vietnam is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with increasing tourist arrivals attracting significant foreign investment. With Danang International Airport crucial to the development of the central region of Vietnam, the government has unveiled plans to construct a new international terminal capable of handling six million passengers per year. The first phase of the project is estimated to cost US$75m and will initially increase passenger capacity to four million per year.

The project’s completion date is set for 2010-2011 and will require a total investment of US$160m.

Airlines and destinations: Being an international airport so Da Nang can meet all demands for foreign flights. Only need to apply Vietnam visa online, and then Da Nang airport can be your suitable stop. Current regular flights serving Da Nang International Airport are as follows: Jestar Pacific Airlines servers daily flight between Da Nang and Hanoi, between Da Nang and the capital, a route that had long been monopolized by Vietnam Airlines. Korean Air and Asiana Airlines operate of summer charters between Seoul (Incheon International Airport) and Da Nang. The Vietnamese Government is hoping to serve more flights, to destinations such as Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, Siem Reap, Japan, South Korea and Thailand after the construction of the new international terminal is complete.

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