Differences between Vietnam single visa and multiple visa

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Differences between Vietnam single visa and multiple visa

vietnam visa   Differences between Vietnam single visa and multiple visaAccording to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, foreign people wishing to get Vietnam visa in order to visit the country are applicable to request one month or three month visa with single or multiple entries. Below section with information about differences between Vietnam single visa and multiple visa will provide travelers an overview about applicable visa types.

What is single entry visa?

Vietnam single entry visa is the type of visa that allows foreign travelers to enter and exit Vietnam only one time during visa’s valid duration. With this visa type, although travelers leave the country before your visa’s expiration date, your single entry visa is still invalid right after you go out of the country. Presently, for those people intending to request single entry visa, you are possible to request visa with valid duration of one month or three months.

What is multiple entries visa?

In contrast to single entry visa, Vietnam multiple entries visa allows foreign people to visit Vietnam unlimited time within your visa’s valid time. According to current regulation of the Immigration Department, travelers are allowed to request multiple entries visa with the valid duration of one month only.

The cost of single visa and multiple visa

Both single visa cost and multiple visa cost are divided into approval fee to get visa approval letter issued and stamping fee to get official visa stamped. About approval fee, it is depended on each visa type that applicants request. For each visa request, you should pay USD 17/ person for one month single entry visa, USD 22/ person for one month multiple entries visa or USD 27/ person for three month single entry visa. About stamping fee, it is USD 45/ person to get single visa. About multiple entries visa, applicants should pay USD 65/ person for visa of no longer than 29 days, or USD 95/ person for visa of 30 or 31 days.

Procedure to obtain single/multiple visa

There is no difference between procedure of getting single entry visa and getting multiple entries visa. In order to request visa, the best option is to request Vietnam visa on arrival with following steps:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online
  • Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Receiving Vietnam visa approval letter via email after about two business days
  • Departing for Vietnam and getting official visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

For any further information related to differences between Vietnam single visa and multiple visa, please feel free to contact our support team via email support@evisatovietnam.com or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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