Diverse programmes for Tet festival by Ethnology museum

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Diverse programmes for Tet festival by Ethnology museum

Tet is a traditional festival of Vietnamese so if having any chances, please apply Vietnam visa about from half a month to 30 days and get to this country to see and enjoy celebrations every where in Vietnam.

            Music, food and games will be the official programmes for this Lunar New Year celebration by The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on February 6-8. Besides there will be traditional performances consisting of gong ceremonies of the Raglai, prayers for peace and good crops by the Na Mieo, Tay and Dao Lo Gang, the lion dance of the Nung, and the bamboo pole dance of the Thai, as well as calligraphy, water puppetry of the Kinh majority.

With the participation of 90 representatives from six ethnic groups from around the country including the Raglai from the central province of Ninh Thuan, the Dao Lo Gang and Na Mieo from the northern province of Lang Son. They will be participating in the holiday programme for the first time. The most fascinating may be the join of Kids in a variety of folk games such as swinging, wrestling, walking on stilts, chess playing and stick pushing or making their own folk toys (figurines and pinwheels ) under the instruction of ethnic people  About 150 student volunteers will join museum staff in helping visitors enjoy the events.
         This year, The celebration will have some new traditional food from the Tay ethnic group such as roast pig with mac mat (a type of wild leaf), steamed glutinous rice, dried buffalo meat and traditional cakes. So visitors will be able to have more chances to enjoy these traditional food.
          Vo Quang Trong, the museum director said that: thank to the events, the annual celebration would help preserve and popularise the precious cultural traditions of Vietnam as well as giving the visitors the best understanding of the different ethnic groups and the spirit of the festivities.

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