Electronic Vietnam visa procedure

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Electronic Vietnam visa procedure

vietnam visa   Electronic Vietnam visa procedureVietnam visa is an essential document that citizens of almost all countries should prepare before travelling the country. According to updated policy of Vietnam Immigration Department, beside the traditional way- getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam, foreign travelers are eligible to get visa online. Below information mentions to electronic Vietnam visa procedure.

Requirement for electronic visa

Whether applying for visa at Embassy of Vietnam or applying for visa online, foreign travelers need to prepare their own passport with six months of validity and two un-used pages upward. For those people who have passport of less than six month valid duration or less than two blank pages remaining, you should extend or renew passport first so that you can request visa then.

Procedure of getting electronic visa

Getting visa by this way requires travelers to apply for pre-approved Vietnam visa online in advance. This is an electronic document issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam that allows travelers noted in the document to get visa stamped at Embassy of Vietnam (visa code) or at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival). Steps to get pre-approved visa issued is very simple as below:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online with exact information as shown in your passport
  • Transferring visa approval fee through PayPal, Western Union or Bank transfer.
  • Waiting for two business days at maximum for visa issuing
  • Getting pre-approved visa through email

After having visa document in hand, travelers can prepare with you other needful for picking official visa. For those who plan to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam, you should prepare a copy of visa approval code, passport-sized photos, and passport, then submit at the Embassy noted in your visa document to pick up visa.

For those who get Vietnam visa at airport, you just need to prepare a copy of visa approval letter and required documents including passport, photos, entry application and then travel to Vietnam by plane. Upon arrival at Vietnam airport, by showing these requirements and paying stamping fee according to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, you can get official visa stamped right after.

In general, Vietnam visa online is very convenient can time-saving because it can be requested online within a couple minutes without original document submitting. Especially, visa on arrival even help travelers to obtain visa without visiting anywhere before travelling. Therefore, this visa type is highly recommended for air travelers. For people wishing to visit Vietnam through land or seaway, the suggested visa type is visa code.

For any further information on electronic Vietnam visa procedure, please contact us via email support@evisatovietnam.com or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33

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