Facilities for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnam Overview

Facilities for foreigners in Vietnam

Facilities for foreigners in Vietnam

Please choose evisa Vietnam online or apply Vietnam visa on arrival and take a trip to Vietnam, because foreigners to Vietnam regardless of choices for living costs, have been exploring appropriate level of living costs. According to a recent survey by the ADB, Vietnam ranks the 2nd lowest living cost country compared with 23 other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The brief information below is the basic information for estimation of living costs for foreigners in big cities in Vietnam.


It’s really easy for tourists to choose an appropriate accomodation for a stay in Vietnam. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, there are some 5 – star hotels but a lot of mini hotels or guest houses ranged from 20USD/room/per night. In case of a long stay, please rent houses or apartments with different ranges of prices depending on locations, facilities, or a proper house for the whole family in the downtown or in the new city centers which are not very far from the downtown and can be easily accessed.


In recent years, Vietnam Government has focused on improving and updating transportation system to meet demands of increased travel. Tourists can satisfy In big cities with public transports such as taxi which are rather popular and cheap. Travelling between provinces or cities are quite easy now with different types of transportation means either through airway, railway or by cars. Taxi: 15,000 dong/2 first km and around 9,000 dong to 10,000 dong for next 30 km

Entertainment – Relaxation

Entertainment and relaxation services in Vietnam are diverse. Sports such as tennis and golf have become more popular. Many entertainment activities after work for foreigners have been increased such as cafeteria, beer. In the evening, they can relax at cinemas, music performances, clubs, discotheques or bars. Foreigners can also choose to join traditional arts or theatres such as water puppets or visit historical traces etc. For weekends, tourists can choose among a lot of nice destinations for the most and enjoy two weekends. Websites: evisatovietnam.com can give information about it.


Shopping? How? And Where? It’s quite easy at Vietnam supermarkets. For textile and shoes goods tourists and foreigners can choose to buy the high quality goods with cheap prices because most of products such as Viettien, May 10, Thuong Dinh, etc..are made in Vietnam.  Small, private and diversified shops are still the major channels for goods distribution. Additionally, more and more shopping centers have been developed in the Vietnamese market with famous brand names, making the market more diversified.

Health and Education

Health care and education services have been considerably improved in recent years in Vietnam. Although number of international standard schools and hospitals is still limited, these services have contributed to increase quality of services for Vietnamese and foreigners in the domestic market. In aspect of health care, some Vietnamese hospitals are approved with quality in diagnose and treatment for some special diseases.

– Regular costs for a health check for foreigners in the international hospital ranged from 25 USD to 50 USD per visit and a comprehensive health care ranges from 120 USD to 150 USD per person.

– Medicine: medicine prices in Vietnam is cheap compared with other regional countries of which domestic medicine cost 30% to 50% lower than the imported products.

– School fees for children: kindergarten and preschool in English taught school costs around 150USD to 800USD per month, primary schools costs around 4,000USD to 10,500 USD per year and secondary costs around 12,000USD per year.


Vietnamese food is very various and considered as cheapest in the world. Foreigners in Vietnam can find different types of food with acceptable prices. Vietnamese foods are less fat in comparision to Chinese foods. Vietnam is famous for some typical dishes such as pho (noodle) and fried spring rolls (nem ran). Because of Vietnam Geography, foreigners can enjoy sea food evewhere in Vietnam. Purchasing food from supermarkets since they provide food with better quality and food safety in comparision to food bought from local markets

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