Foods in Hue City – tourist visa for Vietnam

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Foods in Hue City – tourist visa for Vietnam

(Tourist visa for Vietnam)Visitors to Hue often turn to specialty restaurants. They come not only for the restaurant after attending the field trips, visiting the scenic and historical sites of Hue which is more interesting to explore a region’s culture through art processing food and culinary philosophy.
vietnam visa   Foods in Hue City   tourist visa for Vietnam
In Hue there are hundreds of dishes, temporarily divided into three categories: rustic, vegetarian and eat good defending.

The rustic dishes made from everyday materials in people’s lives, simply prepared but not too picky as serving dishes aristocracy. Are more rustic but does not have to be able to forget Hue mussel rice, beef noodle pork, boiled meat – shrimp sour delight cake, cake dirt, fungi, wet, rustic dish flour … but hard Best and cheapest forget to mention rice and mussels. There are diners have complained that cheap rice, mussels ridiculous. A bowl of rice, mussels and amuse told that the price is only 16 between 2000 and 3000 contracts. Which is mussels, water mussels, shrimp paste, chili paste, fish sauce, garlic, roasted pork packing puffs, roasted peanuts, salt, sesame seeds, seasonings, salad greens, sliced ??banana, all mixed with cold rice ( or noodles) into a complex mess but surprisingly tasty.

vietnam visa   Foods in Hue City   tourist visa for VietnamFoods in Hue – tourist visa for Vietnam

Fasting previously reserved for Buddhist monks. The vegetarian dishes are prepared from fresh plants, dried or fermented like soy, hello, pickles … Call is vegetarian but from simple ingredients, animal taboo, the chefs can still processed into food or luxury good style dwelling. Vegetarian dishes are also sufficient as cinnamon rolls, rolls book, nem chua, roast pork, milling meat, shredded chicken squeeze … but the 100% raw plant. We can say, fasting has become a specialty of Hue. Arts processed vegetarian dishes in Hue becomes one peak is easy to explain. Hue was once the “capital” of Buddhism in Vietnam. The Nguyen Lords took Buddhism as state religion and the Nguyen royal family are Buddhists. Not the only temple where a vegetarian aristocracy are vegetarian and even a Buddhist family per month at least two days so vegetarian vegetarian dishes in Hue has a rich and delicious to important.

vietnam visa   Foods in Hue City   tourist visa for VietnamFoods in Hue City – tourist visa for Vietnam

Defence is good food most noble princes, the daily meal in the palace, the banquet meal hospitality ambassadors, distinguished guests. Huong Giang is home to many types of services the most. Of course, customers must be willing, and especially because the cost of money available to a royal gala like this are quite high. Thua Thien Hue Province to exploit this type of service and for the first time included in the agenda of the Hue Festival 2000. Hue Festival takes place continuously for 12 days, 4 organized tour, a 3 day tour. In addition to enjoying the arts programs, cultural heritage tours also explore the artistic program of Hue people live in each tour designed a gala banquet in the field of music phones Need Chief. Diners enjoy both the light candles, dim lantern of the palace one night and enjoy a program of folk tunes and traditional music. Recently, the Center for Preservation of Hue relics were fully exploit this type of service with a beautiful name: “Night palace.” The menu usually includes dinner each night 7 Hue specialties, the chef of the famous hotel in Hue. The food was laid out with the harmonious arrangement, beautifully, did not eat that delicious French wine Bordeaux, Ming Mang, Huda beer and enough food to targeted customers enjoy over 2:30 minutes. Foreign tourists are interested in this kind of service this strange and unique. Meals in Hue Citadel space fanciful, gorgeous colors and melodious in tone of traditional music inspired diners remember a dinner party in the old palace.

Hue meal, although the royal feast or rustic, harmoniously decorated, beautifully. The food is structured scientific and rational. The indigestible foods such as meat, rolls, fish is eaten with raw vegetables transplantation, banana, fig, pickles creates appetite, and easy to eat and easy to spend. Hot season, there are many cool food and supplements. Cold season is extra hot dishes and spices like pepper appropriate, pepper, anise, ginger, garlic.

It is also very meticulous craft eat. To get the right Hue cuisine standards, housewives have the cultural capital of gastronomy, shopping and said to have the golden hands. Hue dishes contain both art, history and culture in it.


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