For the people who first time to get Vietnam visa

Vietnam Visa Information

For the people who first time to get Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   For the people who first time to get Vietnam visaBeing a tourist who comes to Vietnam the first time, you must wonder about some procedures such as visa, how to apply Vietnam visa. The answer is quite simple, convenient and quick through online visa services. There are two ways to apply for a Vietnam visa including evisa to Vietnam online or applying visa at Vietnam Embassy (visa code).

1. If you want to be more convenient and quicker to get Vietnam visa, you can apply it at the check-in point. Please apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival (Visa to pick up at Vietnam airport).

– It only takes you 1 or 2 working days to receive the Vietnam Visa approval letter.

– And then print the approval letter out (associated with your own passport) to stamp Vietnam visa at Vietnam Visa airports.

2. If you choose to Get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy: You can contact with Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate in the country you are living or you are staying in directly to apply for Vietnam visa, or you can apply online for Vietnam visa code ( visa to pick up at Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate) here.

In case of being too busy or ad voiding to waste time at Vietnam Embassy, the most convenient, cheapest and simplest for air travelers is applying evisa to vietnam online. Your journey will start earlier and more successfully.

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