Four steps in obtaining Vietnam visa

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Four steps in obtaining Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   Four steps in obtaining Vietnam visaMost travelers who would like to get visa to Vietnam hesitate to apply for Vietnam visa online, because they may not know how easy process of obtaining Vietnam visa online is.

Therefore, fours steps as bellows will show you what you need to do?

Step 1: Apply online Vietnam visa    

In this step, you should fill full accurately your personal information into Vietnam visa application form and make sure that all your information is as the same as in your passport.

Step 2: Confirm and payment     

Firstly, after applying online Vietnam visa, you will receive our auto-confirmed email including all your visa requirements. Then, you should check your information carefully again. If you made any errors in this form, please let us know as soon as possible before we sending them to the Vietnam Immigration Department (VID).

Secondly, you need to make a payment soon, because your Vietnam visa requirements are only sent to the VID after we receive your visa fees.

Step 3: Receive a visa approval letter/code

After 2 working days for normal service, 1 working day for urgent service, you can have your visa approval letter/code that we send to you via your email address. In case you need to get Vietnam visa sooner than the time mentioned above, you may require the rush Vietnam visa service.

Step 4: Stamp visa  

Your visa approval letter/code should be printed out and brought along with your origin passport and two regulated photos for stamping visa at Vietnam airport/or Vietnam Embassy.

Please be advised that stamping fees (US$, in cash) must be paid directly to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport if you get Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam Embassy if you get Vietnam visa code.

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