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General information about Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   General information about Vietnam visa Information about visa Vietnam should be collected before travelers request visa to make sure you know clearly about which type of visa you should obtain in order to visit the country. So what information should you find out? Below section provides Vietnam visa general information which should be kept in your mind before getting a visa to the country.

According to diplomatic relation between Vietnam and other countries, visa requirement for foreign visitors of each country is not same.

Vietnam visa exemption

Basing on immigration regulation of Vietnam, citizens of Southeast Asia countries and some other countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Finland are able to enter the country without getting visa in a permitted duration. For detailed information about exempted duration from visa Vietnam, please contact our support team.

Vietnam visa requirement

In case citizens in Vietnam visa exemption list wishing to enter the country and stay there longer than permitted time, you should apply for a visa. Furthermore, for all foreign people holding ordinary passport except for people in the exemption list wishing to enter the country for any activity, Vietnam visa is also required.

Procedure of getting Vietnam visa

Presently, in order to obtain a visa Vietnam, foreign people can choose one of two alternative options including applying in person at Vietnam embassy and applying online for visa on arrival. Between these ways, visa upon arrival is much more recommended than the other one because of its simplicity and convenience. By choosing this visa type, applicants just need to apply in advance for a Vietnam visa approval letter through a visa agent like For details, what you should do includes completing a Vietnam visa application online and sending visa issuing fee to visa agent through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. After about two business days since doing these steps, applicants should check your registered email to get visa approval letter issued. Then, you should print it out and prepare your original passport, two passport sized photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee according to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department. Quotation fee for each type of visa can be found at Vietnam visa fee page.

It should be noticed that visa upon arrival is only workable at Vietnam international airport. In other words, this option is available for air travelers only. In case foreign visitors intend to enter the country by train, bus or ship, you are required for have a valid visa stamped on passport before crossing Vietnam’s border. Therefore, getting visa by traditional way at Vietnam Embassy is advised in these situations.

For any further Vietnam visa general information, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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