Getting Vietnam visa to Con Dao Island

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Getting Vietnam visa to Con Dao Island

Con Dao is a name of very well-known island in Vietnam. A great mumber of tourists visit this place every year and increasing several years later because of its untouched beauty.

 vietnam visa   Getting Vietnam visa to Con Dao Island

 A cruel prison in the past

The islands of Con Dao have a tragic history – they lay completely unoccupied until the French occupiedVietnamand used the island as one large prison complex, where prisoners were shackled, starved and beaten, forced into hard labour and subjected to some particularly cruel and unusual punishment. Sadly when the Americans arrived to ‘save’ Vietnam from Communism they kept the prisons running, and made good use of one of the most barbaric elements, the ‘Tiger Cages’ even once their horrific nature had been exposed in the US media they simply built another set deeper in the jungle so the journalists wouldn’t find them.

vietnam visa   Getting Vietnam visa to Con Dao Island

Today the prisons serve as a stark reminder of the horrors of war, and many of the islands residents are ex-convicts who decided to stay on the islands rather than return to the mainland. These days the main industries are fishing and shipping, and life on the island is very simple and undeveloped, though there are plans to encourage more tourism to the islands in the future.

A place with untouched views

The entire area is protected by law, so much of the islands are covered by thick forest. A visit to the rangers’ station will explain a great deal about the wildlife living on the island, and they are very happy to arrange tours around the jungle or out to the other islands, to see endangered species and to go snorkelling and diving. There are also a number of diving schools on the island, particularly Rainbow Divers.

On our visit we hired a motorbike to explore the roads around the island, and went for hikes through the forest and swam on completely deserted beaches, as well as visiting the prisons and museums. It was a true escape fromSaigon, a complete contrast to the concrete, traffic and noise, and one we’ll remember forever.

Con Dao is also a place where the well-known couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited in November, 2011 with all members in their family. They stayed in a luxurious resort so-called Six Senses.

A luxurious resort ‘Six Senses’

vietnam visa   Getting Vietnam visa to Con Dao Island

True to Six Senses philosophy of selecting remote destinations in areas of outstanding natural beauty, Con Dao is not only an untouched beautiful area but also a breathtaking place, protected for decades as a national and marine park. Six Senses Con Dao, the first 5 star resort in the archipelago islands, is reached by daily flights, of just 45 minutes, fromHo Chi Minh City. Therefore, you do not need to take too much things together because everything is available there. You also can hire rooms in guest houses with very cheap price and fresh sea food.

Getting to Con Dao
If you want to go by boat there is a hydrofoil service from Vung Tau city to Con Dao twice a week about  $20 each way, and also one departing from Tra Vinh in the Mekong Delta which is run by Greenlines or you can book plane to go there. The fares and timetable are no longer advertised on the Vietnamese language version of their website though, so it is worth checking before making the trip to Vung Tau.

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