Getting visa Vietnam – what should you do to save money?

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Getting visa Vietnam – what should you do to save money?

vietnam visa   Getting visa Vietnam   what should you do to save money?Presently, getting Vietnam visa is much simpler than previous time thanks to positive changing in Vietnam Immigration law. In addition, there are also some tips that help travelers to obtain visa not only conveniently but also economically. So, when getting Vietnam visa, what should you do to save money?

Choosing Visa on arrival

For those travelers intending to enter Vietnam by air way, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival can be seen as the cheapest option to get visa because of no hidden fee and no transportation fee for visiting Embassy of Vietnam. With this visa type, applicants can stay at home and complete all required steps for visa with only an internet-connected device. Then, you will receive Vietnam visa approval letter granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam that allows you to pick up official visa straight away at Vietnam airport upon your arrival without visiting any Embassy.

Specifically, what should you do includes a few steps as below:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online with personal information and details about your desire visa type
  • Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Waiting for two business days at maximum to get visa approval letter issued and sent to your email
  • Printing visa letter out and preparing your original passport, two passport sized photos, and application for entry and exit Vietnam
  • Travelling to Vietnam and getting visa upon arrival

Requesting visa in advance

In usual, visa on arrival takes two business days at maximum to get your visa request approved. For those people want to get visa at Vietnam Embassy, you should spend three to five working days waiting for visa. In order to avoid any trouble may cause, travelers should arrange your time and request visa about one week before your travelling date. In case visitors choose visa on arrival, you also can request urgent or super urgent service to speed up processing time. However, the shorter processing is taken, the higher fee will be charged.

Indicating your exit date

When you apply for visa Vietnam, date of exit is indispensable. Especially, if you apply for one month multiple entries visa, you are extremely advised submitting your exact date of exit. Vietnam visa will be issued with valid duration of 29 days or 30 days basing on your date of exit. In case your visa’s duration is 29 days, stamping fee you should pay to get official visa is USD 65/ person. However, if you apply for a full month of 30 or 31 days with multiple entries visa, stamping fee will be USD 95/ person.

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