Have US transit visa or not?

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Have US transit visa or not?

Transit visa? It is a new term what tourists should know before traveling to other countries. A transit visa is a temporary short period visa during your journey. During your intermediate international stop over, If you have sufficient time and you want to tour the city or country, you may apply for transit visa at the appropriate counter at the airport. Because of being new information so it makes a lot of confusion among people and many times, even airline staff does not have correct information.

Recently, several countries have started to require a transit visa for people who want to transit their countries and want to go out of the airport. Some other countries require that you have a stop over of minimum of 24 hours to grant you a transit visa. But if you are a person who is a going with a valid visa, you don’t have to apply a transit visa

You may have a stop over in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc if you are on the Atlantic route or in Singapore, Hong Kong etc, if you are on the Pacific route. But Singapore provides a transit visa for a stop over as small as 4 hours. They even have airport transportation available at no charge for a passenger tour.

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