How much is a Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

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How much is a Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

vietnam visa   How much is a Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizensAccording to Vietnam Immigration policy, ordinary Netherlands passport holders wishing to visit Vietnam for any purpose are required visa. So, how much is a Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens? Presently, visa to Vietnam for these citizens can be obtained at Embassy of Vietnam or upon arrival. For each way, the charged cost is not same.

How much is the cost to get Vietnam Embassy visa?

Getting visa by this way often requires various fees because the charged cost depends on regulation of Vietnam Embassy in different countries. According to feedback of almost all travelers, the Embassy may charge USD 80 upward for one month single entry visa. In addition, Vietnam visa requirements in this case are also not fixed. Therefore, to get exact quotation fee as well as required document for visa, applicants should contact the Embassy before visiting there to submit visa request.

How much does it cost to get visa upon arrival

Currently, Vietnam visa upon arrival is applied at Vietnam international airport, and it is applicable for air travelers only. To get this visa type, Dutch applicants need to pay two kinds of fee including approval fee and stamping fee. Specifically, approval cost for a person is USD 20 for one month single entry, USD 25 for one multiple entries, USD 30 for three month single entry or USD 40 for three month multiple entries visa. In addition, stamping fee is USD 45 for single entry, USD 65 for multiple entries visa of no more than 29 days or USD 95 for multiple entries visa of more than 29 days and less than 90 days. The total cost of one month single entry visa for one person is USD 65. In general, it is much cheaper than the charged cost of Vietnam Embassy visa.

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival

In order to get this visa type, Netherland citizens just prepare their passport with six month of validity length and two blank pages upward. Then you can spend a few minutes completing following steps:

  • Submit Vietnam visa application online
  • Send visa approval fee through PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer
  • Receive Vietnam visa approval letter after two business days
  • Presenting visa letter and pay stamping fee in cash to Vietnam Immigration officers to get official visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

After having visa stamped onto passport, travelers can leave to airport and start to trip in Vietnam.

For any further information on the query how much is a Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens, please send an email to or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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