How to get visa to Vietnam

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How to get visa to Vietnam

vietnam visa   How to get visa to VietnamAccording to policy of Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam visa is required document for almost all foreign people who intend to enter the country. So, how to get visa to Vietnam?

Presently, there are some options for foreign visitors to request visa Vietnam: applying in person for Vietnam Embassy visa as the traditional way, applying online for visa code, and applying online for visa on arrival.

How to get visa in person?

Choosing this method to get visa, each applicant need to visit Embassy of Vietnam directly to submit visa requirement and issuing fee according to regulation of the Embassy. After three to five business days later, you can come back the Embassy and get passport with an issued visa. It should be noticed that getting visa by this way, applicants should contact the embassy in advance for specific guidance because Vietnam embassy in different countries often regulate visa requirement and visa fee differently.

How to get visa code?

By getting this visa type, each applicant will be issued an electronic document named Vietnam visa approval code by the Vietnam Immigration. Procedure to request this document will be guided in below paragraph. This document allows visitors to pick up official visa at the Embassy of Vietnam that they registered in visa application. Specifically, once having this document, you should bring its hard copy together your passport to permitted Embassy. Then staff working there will check your information and granted a visa stamped onto your passport. By using this document, the waiting time at Vietnam Embassy can be shorter than the waiting time of getting embassy visa in person.

How to get visa on arrival?

Presently, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for air travelers only. Therefore, in order to get this visa type, visitors need to make sure that you will travel to Vietnam by plane. Then, you should refer to and follow below guidance to request a Vietnam visa approval letter- the prerequisite to get visa at Vietnam airport. This is also guideline on steps to get pre-approved code:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online
  • Sending visa approval fee
  • Waiting for two business days to get pre-approved visa issued and sent to your email

After having visa document, applicants should print it out and put it into the same place with your passport, Vietnam entry application and passport-sized photos. Upon arrival time at Vietnam airport, you should present these documents and pay stamping fee to Immigration officers, so that you can get visa stamped.

For any further information about how to get visa to Vietnam, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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