Hue Royal Court Music, a living heritage

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Hue Royal Court Music, a living heritage

vietnam visa   Hue Royal Court Music, a living heritage 

Reminding Hue, we remember a city where is rich for beautiful sightseeings, historical sites, special food,…Hue Royal Court Music is also a speciality of Thua Thien Hue province that makes a lot of people to learn about it. If you are foreigners, Please at least once time to visit Hue and enjoy this music after applying Vietnam visa. Hue Royal Court Music has been created and performed over the years by many legendary artists. Many people thought the music would fade out with the passage of those who created and excelled in it. But here and there, artists of the court music continue to preserve and develop its techniques and systems.

This kind of music began under the Nguyen Dynasty and in 2003 it was recognised as an intangible and oral cultural heritage by UNESCO. Hue Court Music is the last vestige of Vietnamese Court Music. It contains all quintessence of Vietnamese Court Music trend that has been established and developed over 1,000 years; therefore Hue Court Music is identical with Vietnamese Court Music. However, the term “Hue Court Music” also indicates to some concrete aspects as such as its historical period (the Nguyen Dynasty – the last Vietnamese feudal dynasty). the site of its being and preservation (Hue, the capital of Vietnam under Nguyen Dynasty) and, as a matter of fact, its evolution in the back – ground general features of the entire Vietnamese Court Music as well as its specific features demonstrated through its achievements and contributions.

In order to preserve the techniques and know-how in court music performance and help it develop and transfer to the next generation of artists, for the first time, there has been an effort by the Traditional Hue Court Music Theatre to collect information about all the artists and their special “tricks”. It’s the tricks are the key basis which help develop the court music, and they can be considered as the treasures of court music.

Meanwhile, materials about court music are scattered and not kept systematically, and the number of artists that can perform this type of special music is reducing with time. Because of the reason, the research team approached 20 artisans of court music and dance who are living in Hue and surrounding areas, during a year of study. This helped the team realise that court music had not lost its identity, but on the contrary, the artists have been preserving the special aspects of court music. Among the court music artists, Lu Huu Thi and Tran Kich are two outstanding elderly artists. Lu Huu Thi is now 102 years old, and lives in Huong Vinh commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. He is the last member of the Hoa Thanh Music Team. Artist Luu Huu Thi has also transferred some of his knowledge to his family members and younger generations.

Meanwhile, artist Tran Kich from Quang Thanh commune, Quang Dien district of Thua Thien Hue province has spent years collecting and documenting more than 30 compositions for both the full orchestra (dai nhac) and the chamber orchestra (tieu nhac). He is also accomplished in many music instruments essential to the court music orchestra, which create the deep, luxurious and tranquil tunes.

The researchers were really surprised when they witnessed the performance of artist Ho Dang Chau, Truong Canh Hung, and Pham Ba Dien, performing various hymns for dances like “Thien Ha Thai Binh” (Peaceful Nation) or “Bat Dat”. Many people have started to called them “living legends”  They also add to the preparations for the Hue Court Music Database. Thanks to the artists who are very enthusiastic with this kind of music, the youth now can be heard and enjoy this beautiful music.

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