Important remarks for urgent Vietnam visa

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Important remarks for urgent Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   Important remarks for urgent Vietnam visaFor those people who forget preparing visa before travelling or people who have a business trip in Vietnam suddenly, express Vietnam visa service is beneficial to help visitors to get visa in time. In these cases, to get visa quickly, travelers should take some important remarks for urgent Vietnam visa as below.

 Procedure of getting urgent Vietnam visa agent

In order to get visa in urgent case, travelers should make sure that you have internet-connected device to receive updated information about your visa request’s status. Then you can implement further applying visa steps. The first step is to complete Vietnam visa application online. Because in urgent situation, there is no time to edit information after visa letter issuing in case there is any mistakes, applicants need to assure that you submit correct information as shown in your passport into visa application.

The second step is sending visa approval fee to process visa approval letter. Presently, visa approval fee can be sent through PayPal or through Bank Transfer, Western Union. Among these methods, using Bank Transfer is not recommended because of time-consuming processing.

After these two steps, applicants just need to wait for four to eight working hours to receive Vietnam visa approval letter according express service you requested. Once having this document, travelers can get on board and get official visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport.

How long does it takes for issuing visa in urgent service?

Currently, there are two options for travelers to get pre-approved Vietnam visa faster: urgent service of one business day and super urgent service of four working hours. In order to get visa issued quickly, besides visa approval fee, traveler also need to pay service fee for express service. For details, the service of one business day cost USD 10 plus, and .USD 25 is the service cost of super urgent service. In some cases, travelers forget applying for visa letter, and your departure time is too urgent in few hours, a special service of one or two business hours is recommended. Certainly, the cost for it is more expensive than the cost of other cases. For these cases, applicants are highly advised to call our support team directly (+84)975856633 to be guided specifically.


The urgent service fees as well as processing time are not applied for citizens of East Center or African countries. In cases these citizens are rush to visit Vietnam, please contact us for detailed guidelines.

Getting visa in urgent case is very costly, so in order to save money, applicants should consider your travel plan carefully and apply for Vietnam visa about three to five days before your departure date.

If you need any further information related to important remarks for urgent Vietnam visa, please contact us via email or hotline (+84)975856633.

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