Is exact arrival date required for getting Vietnam visa?

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Is exact arrival date required for getting Vietnam visa?

vietnam visa   Is exact arrival date required for getting Vietnam visa?Question:

I’m in the step of applying for a Vietnam visa and there is an item Date of arrival that makes me confuse. Is exact arrival date required for getting Vietnam visa?


Vietnam visa is an official document that allows foreign people to enter and exit the country within a temporary duration. This period of time will be based on the type of visa and the date that applicants submitted as your date of arrival in visa application. In other words, visa will be valid in one month or three month from your registered arrival date. For example, if you intend to apply for one month single entry visa and choose April 25 for your date of travel, your issued Vietnam visa will be valid from April 25th until May 25th. During this time, you are permitted to enter and exit Vietnam one time on any date.

It should be noticed that when completing a visa application, applicants do not need to submit exact date of arrival. However you should determine and fill in the form your earliest estimates arrival date. The reason is that once Vietnam visa is issued, foreign people are only permitted to visit Vietnam applicants cannot change any information as well as enter the country earlier or later than the duration of visa.

Procedure of requesting a visa

Presently, in order to obtain a visa to Vietnam, travelers can visit Vietnam Embassy in your resident country and submit visa request in person. Or you also can apply online for visa through a visa agent like In comparison, getting visa online is more recommended than the other one because of this simple and time-saving procedure. By choosing visa online, what you need to do includes simple steps as below:

  • Submitting a Vietnam visa application online
  • Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Receiving pre-approved visa document via email after two business days.

Once having pre-approved visa, applicants should bring this document to registered Vietnam Embassy to pick up official visa in case you apply for visa code. This visa type is often suggested for people who enter Vietnam by land or sea way. For those people who enter Vietnam by airway and request visa on arrival, your will be issued a Vietnam visa approval letter. This document allows you to pick up official visa at any Vietnam international airport including Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat airport or Da Nang airport.

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