Lucky money – a nice New Year custom

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Lucky money – a nice New Year custom

vietnam visa   Lucky money   a nice New Year custom Whenever Tet comes, everyone feels eager but the children often like Tet most because of many reasons such as being bought new cloth, taken to many places and got lucky money. Giving money on the occasion of New Year, with desires that better things will happen in future, has become an indispensable custom of the Vietnamese during the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival. On New Year festival, the elderly normally congratulate kids on becoming a year older by presenting them with very nice and small red paper envelopes which symbolise luck and good fortune. Besides, congratulating the olds now becomes popular with hoping that they are healthy and long-lived. According to the custom, never, never open red packets in front of the elders. It’s a sign of disrespect. The money given on the advancement in ages is new brand and low face value, but bears wishes for growth and successful study and represents life, happiness and good luck. Over time, Hang Ma street in the Hanoi ancient quarter remains a place to sell things to store children’s money, mainly in shapes of pigs, rats and buffalo made of clay or metal. However, the animal that is sold most is the ones symbolising the lunar calendar for that year. But this year is the year of the cat so the demand on clay cats will surely increase. Money makes children happy because they can use it to buy candy, toys and firecrackers. That’s in the past. Nowadays, the amount of money given to children in red packets can be quite a large amount. Students use the money to pay for their school tuition and as pocket money. According to the seller, parents will teach children how to save and spend the present money in meaningful ways, such as the purchase of books, school aids or help for friends in difficulties. Nowadays, people’s living conditions have been improving. The money giving custom is sometimes commercialised, but it basically keeps humanity significant, that means bringing joy and luck for all people. found and supplied!

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