Mistakes should avoid when applying Vietnam visa

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Mistakes should avoid when applying Vietnam visa

           Being foreigners, you may have a few mistakes when applying Vietnam visa. Here are some information to help you avoid those mistakes.

           – Foreigners should apply for evisa Vietnam online prior to the trip in order to pick up your visa at the arrival airport in Vietnam. Because if you get a visa directly at Vietnam airport without applying online, you may end up with delaying/canceling the flights or waiting at the airport until the visa is approved or even if you can get board, you can be expelled.

          – Visa on arrival works for air travel only, it means there is no Vietnam visa for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. Therefore, in case you do not enter Vietnam by air, we highly recommend you to apply for visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates where you are living or staying in advance.

         –  Filling in the Application form sometimes causes many applicants some troubles. You can fill with wrong details: full name on passport, passport number or date of birth, passport expiration date. Normally, that may not be a big problem, however, in some cases; they will be refused by airlines at the departure airport since the information on your visa approval letter does not match those in your passport. So, make sure you submit everything correctly and carefully.

              – You must think that the visa validity will start from the date they enter Vietnam, not from the date they submitted, however, it is not. The date of entry which you printed in your visa approval letter, your visa validity will commence but not the date you will enter the country. Making sure that you make a clear plan of when to enter before ordering a visa to Vietnam is really important.

                – Extending Vietnam visa is easy once you are in Vietnam. However, in fact, it is not that easy, and extending a visa may be a costly and time consuming process. So, if possible, just apply for a 3 month visa in advance instead of a 1 month one to save money on visa extension.

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