More foreigners to Vietnam during Tet holiday

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More foreigners to Vietnam during Tet holiday

            According to the local sources, the number of foreign tourists to Vietnam increased fast during the first few days of the Lunar New Year.

The passengers were mainly from European countries to attend Tet festival as well as study about it while a lot of overseas Vietnamese came back their homeland for enjoying Tet atmosphere that they have undergone in the past. Meanwhile, nearly 8,000 Vietnamese tourists traveled on 82 flights to other countries and territories at the occasion.

The foreign guests, who came from Europe, Japan and Thailand, traveling to Hue city on this occasion.  With the number of 50,000, or around 20,000, the foreigners are estimated more than the previous years’ occasion.

In Ha Noi, about 1,027 passengers on 109 flights entered the city on February 3-5, according to the Customs Department of Noi Bai International Airport.

There was a direct flight from Hong Kong to the central city of ?a Nang  on January 4. This flight which carried 184 foreign tourists launched officially at ?a Nang International Airport.

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