Om Beach in Phu Yen province

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Om Beach in Phu Yen province

vietnam visa   Om Beach in Phu Yen province 

Once modern development continues to devour the natural world, more and more people look for antiques or a pristine destination to experience life in a way more similar to the way our ancestors lived. When our life becomes so noisy and stressed, thinking about a trip to relax and escape the noise and smoke of city life, people often think of a stunning beach where they can forget their troubles. For those who love tranquility, Om Beach, one of the nicest beaches of Xuan Dai Bay, a pride of nature in Phu Yen province, will be an ideal place for you. In that occasion, let get evisa Vietnam and come here.

There are two ways to reach Om Beach, by land and by waterway. For the first way, tourists can start the journey from the center of Tuy Hoa city, National Highway 1A to Song Cau Town and then ask a local the way to Vung La, a fishing village in Xuan Phuong commune. By waterway, tourists can hire boats from local fishermen in Song Cau town or Nhat Tu Son town. After riding the open ocean for around 90 minutes, the boat reaches the mouth of the bay where Om Beach lies gently waiting for tourists’ curiosity.

 Lacted in Xuan Dai Bay, Om Beach is rather an obscure name to tourists in Vietnam, which is why it has resisted industrial development, human settlement or any services. The beach feasts visitors a totally brand-new feeling different from other beaches with a natural world separated with outside world by peace, silence and primitiveness. Om Beach is actually two beaches separated by an isthmus. The front beach boasts soft endless under shade of coconut trees sand and the back beach are two hills.

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