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 There is a pagoda which is located in Huong Son district, Ha Tay province (or enlarged Hanoi), about 75 km from Southwest of Hanoi and  its name smells a perfume. It’s Perfume Pagoda (Chua H??ng). It’s famous for  a complex of pagodas, set amidst mountains, forests, lakes and caves and surrounded by vast green rice-growing plains and a lot of specialities.

Perfume pagoda is beautiful because it is one among the largest and unique religious sites in Huong Son Commune. Consisting of pagodas and Buddhist shrines built into the limestone cliffs of Perfume Mount (H??ng S?n), scattering alongside the mountain up to the peak. One of the most visited is Huong Tich cavern (or in other words, inside Pagoda). The legend says that Bodhisatva went to the South and stayed at Huong Tich Pagoda in order to help save human souls. The legend and the history book of the Huong Pagoda also say that the Huong Tich cave became a well-known place of worship over one thousand years ago.

Nowadays, a lot of tourists wish to become  pilgrims flock to the site during Perfume Pagoda festival (lengthen about 1 month) as they want to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year, if any person who can go to Huong pagoda 3 years continuously, happiness and luck can be doubled. Besides some young couples come to Perfume pagoda to pray for their love, some other pray for having babies. On this special occasion, a wide range of traditional cultural activities is incorporated. Perfume pagoda is not only a religious site, but a great sight-seeing spot in Vietnam as well.

Being a pilgrim to Huong Pagoda, you should take a camera catch all the snapshots of this fascinating nature drawings, some food and prepare offerings at home so your pilgrimage will be more convenient. Here are some tasks you must do in order to complete your pilgrimage.

You have to start at Ben Duc (Pier Duc) and take about one hour on the Yen Vi Stream by boat. During the festival Ben Duc is packed with thousands of row boats used for shuttling visitors. For many visitors, this one-hour boat ride on the Yen Vi Stream from Pier Duc is actually the highlight of the trip, and inspiration sources of quite a few famous poets. Yen stream flows between two mountains for 3 kilometers. Nevertheless, sitting on the boat, leisurely enjoying the surrounding landscape, you may feel that the stream is endless. While traveling along Yen Stream, tourists pass by stunning landscape of blazing green rice paddles studded with jagged limestone mounts to the base of Huong Mountain.  Before reaching Tro Wharf where the tour begins, the boat also passes by the Deo and Phong Su Mountains, Son Thuy Huu Tinh Cave, Trau Cave, Hoi Bridge, and Dau Valley.

After one-hour boat, tourists will step inland to start the next journey. Climbing up to Huong Mount is the basic activity. There are some places tourists csn not ignore such as Den Trinh, which means “registration shrine”, Thien Tru Pagoda (Outer Pagoda), means a heaven kitchen, derived from the imagination of the locals in this region, of which the rock formations in this area look like chefs busily working in the kitchen. At Thien Tru Pagoda, you should visit Thuy Tien tower, a granite monolith and Tien Son grotto, popular for five granite statues and various formations on the walls of the cave. Here, pilgrims have chances to admire the pagoda’s beauty and wonderful local landscapes.

The third stage, pilgrims would climb up hundreds of stone steps, and then down 120 stone steps to Huong Tich Grotto, literally meaning “traces of fragrance”. Tourists have to undergo a very long and rough  with stone stairs. Stepping down the 120-step stairs, tourists will find the inscription “The first-ranking grotto under the Southern Sky” in  Han scripts. Getting into the grotto, you will find a purely cool atmosphere in a dim light before figuring out naturally architectural works such as (Rice) rock, gold and silver trees, Girl and Boy Mountains (in the shapes of a girl and a boy), and so forth.  

 Huong Pagoda Festival starts in every spring and attracts tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims coming to implore the spirits for good luck, wealth, and happiness, and also to admire the beautiful landscapes of the area. If you want to become a pilgrim for luck, wealth, and happiness, please apply Vietnam visa and come to Huong pagoda.

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