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Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Being located  in Binh Thuan province and lying south of Cam Ranh Bay on the southernmost stretch of Central Vietnam. And after getting Vietnam visa online, you can fly to Ho Chi Minh city because Phan Thiet is about 200km northeast from Ho Chi Minh City. This bustling town with 100,000 inhabitants is famous for the long coastline with a hot and mainly dry climate and average temperatures of a little more than 27 degrees. The population includes descendants of the Cham, who ruled the area until 1692.

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Have you ever heard Phan Thiet fish sauce? This fish sauce is available all over Vietnam resulting in an annual production of nearly 17 million liters. Fishing is The major industry in Phan Thiet. The harbour full of fishing boats is highly photogenic.The proximity of the Ca Ty river and the ocean make it a perfect place for the development of fishing industry. From July to October is the peak fishing season of the region. During this season the boats in the sea form a spectacular sight. It is said that around 100 varieties of fishes are available in the waters around Phan Thiet, Vietnam. The total catches per year amount to around 70,000 tons. The availability of the huge amount of fish makes it a perfect place for the excellent production of fish sauce.

It was popular summer resort under the French. Phan Thiet has a reasonable beach, a couple of decent hotels, and a very good golf course. Humidity is only 10% during most of the year, Binh Thuan is by far the driest province in Vietnam. Most of its terrain consists of rocky mountains and sandy hills. Agriculture is almost non-existent – few crops can grow on the arid land. So             

Phan Thiet is home to some of the most beautiful and the most visited of the Vietnam tourist attractions. To the east of Phan Thiet are some exquisite beaches, one of the greatest attractions in the region. They are totally different from one another. While some are lined with coconut trees, the others are next to vast sand dunes. There is the beautiful Bai Rang, 15 kilometer northeast of Phan Thiet, Vietnam. It is beautifully lined with coconut trees. This beach has the Da Ong Dia (boulders of the Earth God) and the Suoi Tien (Celestial Stream).

The most famous tourist attraction in Phan Thiet is the Mui Ne Sand Dunes. 12 miles east of Phan Thiet the sand dunes are nothing short of nature’s work of art. The elements of wind have given it a shape worth viewing.

vietnam visa   Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Another attraction of Phan Thiet, Vietnam is its proximity to Cape Mui Ne. It is a 21km of long arc of fine sand with a perfect combination of the sun and blue pacific water giving rise to a spectacular view.

The town of Phan Thiet, Vietnam has an appeal of its own. The streets are lined with colonial villas. The Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Ong Pagoda are some of the major tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your Vietnam tours.

Duc Thanh School is a school where Ho Chi Minh was taught here in 1910 before he left for Saigon and set in motion the momentous events which finally ended in the country’s liberation from the colonial yoke.

Po Sha Nu Tower is an ancient site now recognised as the crowning glory of Cham architecture. The cpmplex lies on a hill 6km north east of Phan Thiet, and has three towers still standing and the ruins of many more , some dating back to the 8th century.

Novotel Ocean Dunes, the leading resort in town is right on the ocean at 1D Ton Duc Thang and includes a master’s golf course and star hotel.

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