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Rush Vietnam visa service

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  1.   Why I need to use the rush visa service?

In case you  lack of time to obtain visa approval letter as usual, or your visa approval letter including errors in the procedure last time while your trip is coming soon, you need to require rush visa service in order to avoid the hassle, for example delaying plane or canceling a meeting, etc.

  1. What about rush visa service fees?

If you have less than 8 working hours, you have to use the rush visa service. For each hour late, you have to pay extra US$10, applying for all types of visas. Please read Vietnam visa prices about normal visa service fees and count visa fees yourself in order to make a payment or you can ask us if you do not understand.

  1. How long can I get the visa approval letter?

After 2.5 to 6 hours from the time of completing your accurate personal information and payment. So, making a payment as soon as possible together with sending accurate personal information are two important activities in rush service.

  1.  What time can I ask for the rush visa service?

You can send your personal information as Vietnam visa application form to us via our email address or apply Vietnam visa online as soon as possible, including Saturday, Sunday. However, the Vietnam Immigration Department works in the week-days, except the weekend and Vietnamese National Holidays.

5.     What should I do now?

  • Make a quick decision:

Email us all your personal information at the soonest time and make sure that your information is as the same as in your passport. If you can shorten time yourself, your money will be saved.

  • Make a quick payment:

Your visa requests will be sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department (VID) immediately after we receive your payment.

Vietnam time: GMT+7

Please do not be late for saving your money by applying Vietnam visa online!

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