Some entry formalities for Vietnam

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Some entry formalities for Vietnam

If you travel other countries by plane, the first thing you must do is applying Vietnam visa and then you must know some entry formalities. They are often the same among the countries but sometimes you will find the differences. Here are some notices for you.

– On the plane you’ll be given an Arrival/Departure Card and a Baggage Customs Declaration form. You ought to hand in the completed Arrival/Departure Card with your passport and duplicate visa application form at immigration in Vietnam. The Departure Card will be returned to you. Keep this safely. You usually have to show it when checking into hotels and will be asked for it in when you finally leave Vietnam.
– Listing all valuable items on the Baggage Declaration form, such as video cameras, portable computers and expensive jewellery are very important. The duty-free allowance is 200 cigarettes, 2 litres of alcohol plus perfume and jewellery for personal use. You can take up to US $7000 into Vietnam in cash or travellers’ cheques; anything in excess of this sum has to be declared.
– When the customs official checks your baggage, please hand the completed Baggage Declaration form in and when they give you the yellow duplicate – again, let keep this carefully as it is necessary for final departure. (NB. You have to show your baggage check when reclaiming your luggage at the airport on arrival; the stub should be attached to either your airline ticket or boarding pass.)
– The last thing you should remember is to make photocopies of your Departure Card and Baggage Declaration form at your hotel and keep them separately because if you lose the originals, you may make things slightly easier.

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