Suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long time

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Suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long time

vietnam visa   Suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long timeA valid Vietnam visa is an indispensable document in order to visa and stay in the country legally. Presently, for those people requesting visa online service, the longest visa type that you can request is three month visa. So what should you do if you need to stay in Vietnam longer than visa’s temporary duration? Below information will be suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long time.

If foreign travelers intending to visit Vietnam and stay here for a long time, firstly you should request a visa to Vietnam with the longest validity in order to enter the country. In other words, you are advised apply for a three month visa either single entry or multiple entries. To get this done, you can visit a nearest Vietnam Embassy to request visa in person or request Vietnam visa on arrival online via assistance of a visa agent like Between these options, getting visa on arrival is always the best way for people who enter Vietnam by plane. With visa type, what you need to do is very simple with a few steps as below:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application
  • Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union, detailed fee for each type of visa can be referred at Vietnam visa fee page.
  • Waiting for two business days at maximum and receive Vietnam visa approval letter sent to your registered email
  • Prepare your passport, two passport-sized photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee
  • Departing for Vietnam by air way
  • Presenting required document and stamping fee to Immigration officer to get official visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airport

After entering the country, if foreign visitors need to stay here longer than your visa’s permitted time, you are offered Vietnam visa extension service that helps you extend resident duration. To request this service, visitors need to prepare your original passport and submit it directly at our office. On your behalf, we will ask a visa extension seal issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. Normally, visitors are required to pay USD 200 upward and wait for about ten business days to get visa extended.

It should be notice that regulation about Vietnam visa extension is often changed. Depending on the regulation at the time, visa extension request can be approved or not. Therefore, travelers can contact us about 10 days before your visa expired to be guided specifically.

For any further information related to Suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long time, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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