vietnam visa extension

vietnam visa extension

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Suggestion to stay in Vietnam for a long time

A valid Vietnam visa is an indispensable document in order to visa and stay in the country legally. Presently, for those people requesting visa online service, the longest visa type that you can request is three month visa. So what should you do if you need to stay in Vietnam longer than visa’s temporary duration? […]

Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in Vietnam

In order to stay in Vietnam legally, a valid Vietnam visa is really necessary for a foreign people. However, in reality, there are many travelers who overstay in the country after entering or want to stay in the country longer than their visa’s temporary duration without exiting. Some people even lost their passport. So, what […]

Do you know about “Work Permit”in Vietnam

If you are foreigners and you want to assign to work in Vietnam, the first thing you must to do is showing a degree of proprietary knowledge. You may convert from visitor purpose to work purpose while staying in Vietnam or as the work permit application is in process. Besides, you need to be sponsored […]

Vietnam visa what need to know

1. Regulations about Vietnam visa often change, so it’s necessary for you to check carefully before your travels. Please apply for Vietnam visa one or two weeks in advance to avoid unwanted troubles or urgent fee. 2. Documents: Passport of 6 months’ validity; visa application forms; and probably some others required by the embassy, consulate […]

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