The best way to apply for Vietnam visa

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The best way to apply for Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   The best way to apply for Vietnam visaThanks to updated regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, foreign travelers wishing to get visa Vietnam for entering the county presently can request visa directly at embassy of Vietnam or apply online to get visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport. So for these ways, which one is the best way to apply for Vietnam visa?

Getting visa on arrival to Vietnam

Vietnam visa on arrival is the type of visa that allows travelers to get official visa upon their arrival at Vietnam airport. Therefore, this visa type is highly recommended for air travelers. Getting this visa type, applicants just need to complete a Vietnam visa application online. After that, you should follow guidance of the system to transfer visa approval fee. Detailed fee to get visa on arrival can be found at Vietnam visa fee page. This fee can be paid through one of three available payment approaches: PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union.

After about two business days since completing all online requirements, travelers should check your registered email to get Vietnam visa approval letter. By presenting this document together your original passport, two passport-sized photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and then paying stamping fee to Immigration officers, applicants will receive official Vietnam visa onto their passport.

Requesting visa Vietnam from Embassy of Vietnam

Unlike getting visa upon arrival, in order to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam, travelers need to prepare their own original passport and other document according to regulation of the Embassy to hand in. Depending Embassy of Vietnam in different countries, Vietnam visa requirement and applied cost of visa are various. To make sure you prepare adequate document, applicants should arrange contact the staff in charge before going there submitting visa request. Normally, getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam takes about three to five business days to get visa issued. About applied cost, each traveler may be charged USD 80/ person upward for one month single entry visa. Because of complicated requirement and time-consuming procedure, this visa type presently is recommended for travelers who plan to visit Vietnam by land or sea way.

Briefly, getting visa upon arrival is much more time-saving, convenient and cheaper than getting Vietnam Embassy visa because by applying online, no original document submitting is required for visa issuing. In addition, applicants also do not need to visit any Embassy of Vietnam before visiting. Therefore, it is no doubt to say getting visa upon arrival is the best option for air travelers. For those people entering Vietnam by other means of transportation, getting Vietnam Embassy visa is suitable because visa on arrival has not been applied at Vietnam border yet.

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