Three foods of Da Nang city – Vietnam visa upon arrival

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Three foods of Da Nang city – Vietnam visa upon arrival

(Vietnam visa upon arrival)In the summer, We introduce three foods in Da Nang. You should try it when you travel to Da Nang city

1. Grilled beef Da Nang – Vietnam visa upon arrival

Da Nang has a lot to bring products to tourists as a gift. Among beef rolls, spring rolls, bamboo is the specialties are many people looking to buy. To get the ball hits the high quality, the oven do not have absolute compliance “secret” base rolls must be made of beef silverside, type 1, fresh, filtered out near the end, and not pureed mixed with any other ingredient. The additive comes as onions, garlic, pepper, chillies, sugar, fish sauce and a little tough substance according to the dose of the workers. The leaves are used to wrap banana leaves were washed and boiled to ensure the soft, not broken when the package. This process rolls, from the stage filtration meat, meat grinder, mixed spice, boiled until complete package rolls no more than 2 hours, the new spring is naturally sweet taste of fresh beef.

vietnam visa   Three foods of Da Nang city   Vietnam visa upon arrival
Da Nang slice beef ball, you’ll enjoy the aroma of fennel slight, reddish pigment patties, slightly sweet taste but also bold, crisp and long. Eating beef ball must be accompanied with pickles, rolls … as an appetizer for the feast, but the day can often be the dish for you to sip his great, tasty dish served with bread and delicious when eaten with porridge more cows. Grilled beef served with garlic, onions, herbs, can put more soy sauce or chili garlic depending on each person’s taste.


2. Pork and beef rolls pray -Vietnam visa upon arrival

In addition to Quang noodles, pork and beef rolls are also praying two other specialties folk who came to Da Nang can not not try. The pork slices are carefully selected and skillfully sliced ??lean to the middle, flanked by transparent thin fat of pork rolls or red steaks cooked dish of beef will make those who have enjoyed the past is hard to forget.

vietnam visa   Three foods of Da Nang city   Vietnam visa upon arrival
Da Nang is blessed with a beautiful coastline and marine animal products that bring Danang delicious food made for this land. Da Nang to not be missed as raw fish dishes, young jackfruit warehouse flying fish, jellyfish salad, … has been the skillful hands of people processed into the sea contempt specialty.

3. Bau snail dish Nghe – Vietnam visa upon arrival

In Da Nang, the largest snail found in intercession Listening 2 An Ngai Tay, Hoa Son Commune, Hoa Vang district. Maybe someone will say that, large and small that do, the problem is that it is gourmet cuisine ‘rank’ anywhere in dozens of buildings are offered daily at the fair from rural to urban . Well, usually it’s not something big and mean well, but snails Bau Technology is an exception.

vietnam visa   Three foods of Da Nang city   Vietnam visa upon arrival
Nam O fish sauce, tilapia Bau hear, Upper Cover. Sounds perch Bau-free table, it has been ranked as one of folk in three specialty areas northwest of the city of Da Nang. Bau snails technology, oversize appearance and unique flavor, has long appeared on the market cuisine as a ‘face’ brilliant nominations in the ‘Top’ of the special dishes of the city Han River.


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