Useful tips for getting urgent Vietnam visa

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Useful tips for getting urgent Vietnam visa

vietnam visa   Useful tips for getting urgent Vietnam visaBecause of having a sudden plan in Vietnam or forgetting requesting visa in advance, many foreign travelers need to get Vietnam visa urgently in order to have visa before departure. In these situations, below useful tips for getting urgent Vietnam visa should be in your mind.

Making sure about passport requirement

Vietnam Immigration Department only issues visa for foreign people having passport with six month of validity and two un-used pages upward. Therefore, visitors should check your passport carefully to ensure it is eligible before applying.

Choosing visa upon arrival

Almost all Embassies of Vietnam need two business days at least to approve a visa request, so this option is not advised. Whereas, by applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival, applicants can receive visa approval letter issued by the Immigration after one working days or even a few working hours. Then, you are totally possible to travel to Vietnam by plane.

Submitting visa application and payment online

For urgent situations, travelers are advised completing visa requirement as soon as possible. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a good internet-connected device to send visa application as well as get updated information about your visa request.

Right after submitting visa application, you should settle a payment for visa approval fee through PayPal or Western Union. Sending fee through Bank Transfer may take few days to let money go through, so this payment approach is not recommended in this case.

Procedure to request urgent visa

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online, making sure that your all submitted personal information is identical to what shown in your passport
  • Sending visa approval fee
  • Receiving Vietnam visa approval letter via email after processing time
  • Departing for Vietnam by plane and getting official visa upon arrival

Preparing visa fee

For those people wishing to get visa urgently, besides the fee to approve visa request as standard case, applicants are required to pay additional fee to speech up processing time. The shorter time is required, the higher fee is charged. Presently, there are two available options to get visa issued quickly: urgent service- one working day processing with USD 10 plus and super urgent service- four working hour processing with USD 25 plus

Contacting support team

In order to get visa in urgent cases, especially in situations that visitors have just a few hours remaining before taking on flight, contact our support team before applying for specific suggestion is highly advised.

For any further information related to useful tips for getting urgent Vietnam visa, please send email to or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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