Van Phuc Silk Village – A capital for buying silk cloth and fashion

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Van Phuc Silk Village – A capital for buying silk cloth and fashion

Visitors who travel to Vietnam insist on a trip to Van Phuc Silk Village which is a famous place for silk cloth and fashion. Let spend some time on Vietnam visa news bellows to understand how this village is and why it became famous.

Where is Van Phuc Silk Village?

Van Phuc Silk Village is situated on the banks of Nhue Thi River, Nguyen Trai Road, near Ha Dong city in the south-west of Ha Noi centre. It takes you around 30 minutes by motorbike to go there. The village has been much well-known for its traditional sericulture, weaving, and silk products. Most tourists coming here are lured by various beautiful shirts, crafts, ties, dresses and many other things made of silk available in the village. What is special is that the silk is made by very simple looms, which is the genuinely traditional Vietnamese way of making silk.

vietnam visa   Van Phuc Silk Village – A capital for buying silk cloth and fashion

A cradle of Vietnam Silk industry

Van Phuc was a cradle of Vietnamese silk for centuries ago, has always been considered an extreme luxury, on par with rhinoceros horn, ivory and precious handworks in Vietnam.

Most visitors somehow have heard about the significant role of this kind of material in Vietnam, yet might wonder where the cradle of Viet silk is. The mentioned Van Phuc Silk Village is proud to be the origin of best silk and silk-making industry of Vietnam, which is attached to a long-lasting history of more than two thousand years. Though passing by lots of ups and downs, during the recent years, the village’s craft has enjoyed revival due to a surging demand for silk in both the domestic and foreign markets.

vietnam visa   Van Phuc Silk Village – A capital for buying silk cloth and fashion Silk products and quality

Silk cloth now is fine and lustrous that originates from the cocoon of the silkworm is more affordable for “ordinary” folk. In addition, silk cloth is currently enjoying a fashion renaissance, particularly since its many varieties can be made into a wide range of designs suitable for all facets of modern life. Should you intend to have a silk pair of formal clothes made, just come here and select your suitable materials, and professional tailors here will bring you satisfaction.

Walking along the paths in Van Phuc village, you will be surprised with many silk shops here where all things made of silk cloth are displayed and sold. It is easy to choose clothes and souvenirs for you with quite cheap prices, but you should negotiate sometimes before making a payment. In order to cater for the changing demands and tastes of customers, Van Phuc silk producers are expanding their silk and garment repertoire: traditional glossy, embroidered silks, double layers, wrinkled silks, and of course, more colours, hues and weights, for which they have invented new techniques in dying and thermo-processing the threads. With 20 centuries of history behind them, the silk weavers of Van Phuc Silk village are still busy, weaving dreams.

How to get there?

There is many choice for applying Vietnam visa online. We would like to introduce you our service at to obtain visa to Vietnam with the cheapest price, convenience, fastness and security or email us by . If you want to visit Van Phuc Silk Village, you should choose the Hanoi airport as your arrival port. From Hanoi centre, you can easily move to the village by taxis, buses or motorbikes, but going by taxi is the best choice. It costs you around $7-$10 depending on where in Hanoi you start to go. Let try and get lots of interests there!

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