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Vietnam – Cat Ba Island

vietnam visa   Vietnam   Cat Ba IslandCat Ba Island is located in Cat Hai District, Haiphong City, with a total area of 354 sq km. It is a tourist spot, very famous for its charm, and wonders endowed by nature. Annually, thousands of tourists enjoy their holidays in Cat Ba Island.

It takes two hours from Hanoi to Hai phong by a car or train, and then on a high-speed vessel for another hour, you will arrive at Cat Ba Island. It is the biggest island (100km) out of the 366 islands on the Lan Ha Bay.

When tourists come to the Cat Ba gangway, you will feel comfortable and all of your tiredness will disappear after looking afar to contemplate the enchanting scenery of immense sky and magnificent mountains and breathing the fresh air from the sea.  Surely, tourists will be lured to come back here.

There are over 400 motorbikes and cars here, you should hire a Minsk motorbike to ride any place you want to visit. First of all, it is very necessary to rent a room in a hotel, because this island’s the hotels are often overcrowded due to the ever-increasing number of visitors rushing here, despite the fact that more and more hotels and hostels are being built. Staying in a hotel, whose back leans against the mountain and face looks towards the sea, besides enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery around in the morning is very pleasant.

Visitors have a chance to swim in the blue and warm water, see the golden sand beneath. Besides, tourists can not miss the large beaches of Cat Co and Cat Dua, which are separated by a small range of mountain.

Or visitors can hire a motor boat to sail to calm and clean beaches in the small islets. For example the Cat Trai Gai, Duong Gianh and Hien Hao. Hang Luon, Khe Sau, Trung Trang, Gia Luan and Kim Cuong are the tunnels and fascinating caves and grottoes in the mountain next to Cat Co Beach. When you visit these caves and grottoes you will get the feeling of the explorers, discovering the wonders and mysteries endowed by nature.

200 species of fish, 500 species of mollusk and 400 species of arthropod stay  in the waters off Cat Ba Island. There have many kind of marine animals in the area such as seals and three species of dolphin.

To protect the island’s diverse eco­systems, in 1986 a national park were declared by almost half of Cat Ba Island and 90 sq km of the adjacent waters. Cat Ba National Park has subtropical evergreen forests on the hills, freshwater swamp forests at the base of the hills, coastal mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes and coral reefs. Most of the coastline has of rocky cliffs, but there are a few sandy beaches hidden away in small coves.

Visiting the caves and grottoes, tourists should spend time to see the sunset over Lan Ha Bay. The islets become very charming on the golden background of the horizon and the dark blue of the sea. What’s more? Cat Ba has the white sea-gulls hover and sea-eagles, all beautifying the immense and fascinating space, and attracting the visitors.

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