“Taste of the world” festival 2010 in Ho Chi Minh city

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“Taste of the world” festival 2010 in Ho Chi Minh city

vietnam visa   “Taste of the world” festival 2010 in Ho Chi Minh city

The fourth annual “Taste of the World” a food festival on December 3-6 at 23/9 Park in Ho Chi Minh City which will promote cuisines of Vietnam and attract over 24 countries worldwide and about 80.000 visitors to take place. Announced the City’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism on Tuesday.

Including 60 display booths which will feature special dishes from around the world. Tourists will have a discount from 10-50 percents at a certain time of the day (deemed the golden time) which is from 7pm to 9pm on December 31.

On this special night of the fifth “Taste of the world” festival 2010, there will be a celebration of the New Year’s Eve with a music performance.

The event also consists of a cooking contest, giving visitors a chance to taste special dishes from around the world; a display of Vietnamese; a new world record for a giant banh xeo (Vietnamese rice pancake). Among top Vietnamese cooks on December 5, a display of Vietnamese and world wonders made from vegetables, boxes or bottle’s caps, traditional games, food processing activities; and rock and folk music shows.; music shows; folk games and much more.

                 The opening ceremony which welcomes the third million visitors to come the city will start with a parade and be broadcast live on Ho Chi Minh City Television’s HTV9 channel. The tourism sector expects to receive around 3.1 million international tourists this year.
                The Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism will cooperate with the Department of Trade and Industry to organize the “Special promotion month” program offering 5-10 percent discount for visitors from December 15 to January 15, 2011. Here are good news for tourists especially foreigners, so quick to apply evisa Vietnam to come to Ho Chi Minh city at this time.

Remember that 4th international food festival to kick-off in Ho Chi Minh City in December

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