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Vietnam tourist visa

vietnam visa   Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam tourist visa

Almost foreigners are required visa to enter Vietnamexcept some visa exemptions. Depending on purposes, applicants can submit to Vietnam Immigration department the kind of visa to Vietnam: tourist visa or business visa.

In this article, Vietnam tourist visa is focused.

With the development ofVietnamtourism, tourist visa’s appearance helps procedure of enteringVietnamis easier. Normally, visitors toVietnamwith tourism purpose can stay from 15 days to 30 days. In case of wishing to stay longer, they can ask for a visa extension once they are inVietnam.

- Validity of tourist visa after extension can be up  3 months. The procedure to apply a visa extension is the same with Vietnam visa application.

- Major paperworks: a passport with validity of at least six months, photos sized 4 x 6cm and a visa application form.

- Processing time of tourist visa is at least 5 working days at the Embassy and two working days via the agent.

 The best way for applicants to apply tourist visa is possessing a guarantee letter from any relatives or a company in Vietnam. In case of having no the letter, please do it via a legitimated site. Hereafter is the procedure to apply Vietnam tourist visa:
            – Go online at site, complete the secure form (Remember to mark at tourism purpose on the form) and send back.

- Pay service fee and wait two working days for Vietnam visa approval letter.

- Print the letter out and prepare passport, photos in order to take to the destination airport.

- Pay stamping fee, show passport, the approval letter and photos to be sticked visa stamp on the passport at the Immigration gates of the airport.

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