Vietnam visa 10 guides for Family travel

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Vietnam visa 10 guides for Family travel

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa 10 guides for Family travelWhen you intend to travel with your family, including children, you should prepare everything carefully  in order to make you have the best trip. We would like to give you some information as following, let spend some minutes on it:

1. Buying a Health Insurance before going.

2. A small, straightforward medical kit put together with special thought for children’s ailments is a wise thing to carry. You also should take some medicine related to flu, headache, stomachache, diarrhea diseases or your daily medicine, etc.

3. Searching some important telephone numbers of Vietnamese public services and take them together during your trip, you may need them in urgent cases.

4. Make sure that you and your children are healthy before traveling. Prepare all necessary things for children because you may not buy it in countryside or mountain areas.

5. Beware to eat strange food and drink. Let try bit by bit whether you are suitable with it or not. Because stomach upset is the most likely travel health problem.

6. Make sure that you know clearly about climate of any places where you intend to go and prepare appropriate clothes or avoid natural disasters if any.

7. Take some food and drink if your trip is long-term and in remote areas.

8. You should negotiate prices before buying anything, excepting in supermarkets.

9. The best way to move around Vietnam is get some advices from travel agencies if you don’t mind to go yourself. They will tell you the most advantage vehicle and how to move whether you use their services or not.

10. Lastly, your luggage should be as little as possible and tell your children something about your plan for traveling. If they do not enjoy it, they would stay at home instead of going with you.

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