Vietnam visa for British passport holders

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa for British passport holders

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa for British passport holders

Vietnam visa for British

British – born people living in the different countries as permanent residents, once visiting Vietnamneed a British passport to apply Vietnam visa. Below is some major Vietnam visa information for British passport holders to apply Vietnamese visas.

- Validity of Vietnamvisa for British passport holders are single visa entry and multiple entry visa. For travellers only enter Vietnamone time should apply single entry visa but once exiting Vietnam, they need a new visa Vietnam on the return. While a multiple visa entry is one that allows the holders to enter and exit Vietnam several times (possibly unlimited) within the validity period stated on the visa to Vietnam. So that multiple visa entry is suitable for people must enter and exit Vietnam several times.

- Application of Vietnam visa for British passport holders is actually easy if British citizens living in London near Vietnam embassy. They can directly come to the embassy to be instructed for applying Vietnam visa. However, in order to avoid hassles for living far from Vietnam embassies and to save time, getting Vietnam visa on  arrival is the best solution because all UK citizens from all over the world once holding British passports are allowed to apply Vietnam visa online and get visa stamped at the three international airports ofVietnam.

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