Vietnam visa for Egyptians

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa for Egyptians

Is Vietnam visa for Egyptians obligated?

Not being mentioned on Vietnam visa exemption, so all Egyptians must apply visa before any departures to Vietnam.

What is Vietnam visa?

It is an essential governmental certification that issued by the governmental offices of Vietnam for foreigners who wish to enter Vietnam and it is usually stamped on passports.

What kinds of Vietnam visa may be issued for Egyptians?

Like the applicants from the other countries, Egyptian applicants can apply with Vietnam tourist visa and Vietnam business visa. It depends on the purpose of travel and period of time the applicants want to stay in Vietnam.

How long can Egyptians stay in Vietnam?

Time bearing on the visa is visa validity. It may be from one month to three months depending on the submission of visa applicants. One month is the best for a tourist visa and three months are often submitted by applicants with business purpose.

Is Vietnam visa extension available?

In case of being wished to stay longer than validity bearing on the visa, applicants can apply a visa extension when they arrive in Vietnam. Visa extension can be done at the Vietnam Embassy or applied online via site:

How is fee applied for Vietnam visa for Egyptians?

There is not any difference of visa fee for applicants from Egypt. So these applicants can refer information at “Vietnam visa fee” for more details. Online visa application may be cheaper than visa applied at the Vietnam Embassy in Egypt.

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