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Vietnam visa for Germans

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa for Germans

Vietnam visa on arrival

All Germans wishing to enter Vietnam with any purposes such as investment, trading, tourism, are required to possess visa to Vietnam. Under the improvement of Vietnam visa policy, Vietnam visa application can be done easily. The problem is applicants must know Vietnam visa information clearly to choose the way of visa application at the embassy or get visa on arrival at the airports.

Embassy of Vietnam in Berlin, Germany, is the authority responsible for issuing Vietnam visa for Germans but they are not aware of nor take responsibility for any liability, loss, error, damage etc caused by other missions, entities, authorities etc.

When applying visa at the embassy, applicants must fill the Vietnam visa application form carefully with the absolute accuracy of information. For Name and contact inVietnam, please provide the name of the first accommodation or the name of your acquaintance or business.

The dates bearing on the visa is very important and not flexible. So when completing the form, applicants must write dates of entry and exit clearly. The visa expiry date is from the entry date to the exit date as printed. Applicants can enterVietnamany time between these two dates, it means that applicants cannot enterVietnambefore the entry date  and stay inVietnamafter the exit date.

For the passports including children, not need separate visas and are not charged if the children’s name stated in the parents’ application form with one accompanying 4 x 6 cm photo. With separate passports for children, Vietnam visa requirement and Vietnam visa fees follow the same procedure as adults.

Once doing visa application at the embassy, there is no possibility of any change. Fees and charges once received are not refundable, except in case of rejection. In order to enjoy easiness of visa application, contact   to be instructed to apply Vietnam visa online.

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