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Vietnam visa for Luxembourg

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa for Luxembourg

Vietnam visa for Luxembourg

Vietnam visa for Luxembourg is obligated so applying visa before the departure to Vietnam is advised for Luxembourg citizens all over the world.

Depending on the purpose of the travel, Luxembourg applicants will submit the kinds of visa: Vietnam tourist visa, Vietnam business visa or transit visas. Three kinds of visa are different from their validity bearing on the visa. A tourist visa is the best for one month,  a business visa may last three months and a transit visa allow the applicants a stay of maximum 5 days. Only business visas and tourist visas can be extented in case of the applicants wishing to stay longer once they arrive in Vietnam. If the applicants from Luxembourg wish to stay longer, the best way for them is asking for a visa extended because its cost is cheaper than a renew visa.

After deciding what kind of visa will be applied, Luxembourg applicants must distinguish a single entry visa and a multiple entries visa for having the best choice.

– A single entry visa is good for travelers who only enter Vietnam one time so they cannot re-enter Vietnam without renewing their visa.

– But for people who must enter or exit Vietnam some times should submit to have multiple entries visa because a multiple visa entry is one that allows the Luxembourg citizens to enter and exit Vietnam several times (possibly unlimited) within the validity period stated on the visa to Vietnam. And its cost seems to be cheaper than applying a new visa or a Vietnam visa extension. A multiple entries visa is often the best choice of persons who submit a business visa.

Requirements of Visa for Vietnam for Luxembourg at the Vietnam Embassy are the same as the requirements applied for citizens of almost other countries. In order to have an easy procedure of visa application, the applicants should prepare the following documents:

– An original passport with at least 6 month valid and have two blank pages upward at for sealing and stamping Vietnam Visa.

– Two passport-sized photos (these photos should be taken new before applying visa).

– A Vietnam visa application form with completed information. (The applicants can buy this form at the Embassy or download at site

About two options of applying visa to Vietnam, the applicants can refer at the article “apply Vietnam visa for Luxembourg”.

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