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vietnam visa   Vietnam visa for Tunisia

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa for Tunisia is required for entering Vietnam. However, the requirements of visa for Tunisian passport holders contain some difference from requirements applied for other countries’ citizens.

A guarantee letter from relatives, a company or an organization inVietnamis very important and useful for Tunisian citizens.

– With this paperwork, the applicants will get a lower visa fee. It ranges from USD 150 to USD 200/pax depending on each kind of visa they want to apply.

– In case of having no guarantee, they can be guaranteed by an agent inVietnamso that the agent request visa from the Immigration Department of Vietnam on their behalf. Evisatovietnam offers the Tunisian citizens a guarantee service and assure for their visa issuance when they coming to the destination airport of Vietnam but they have to pay higher fee to the authorized visa agent (who request visa for them with Vietnam Immigration Department) and the fee ranges from USD 240 to USD 290 per person.

Tunisian passport holders need to prepare the below documents before applying visa:

– An original passport with at least 6 – month validity and have two blank pages upward at for sealing and stamping visa.

– Two passport-sized photos (age of the photos must not be over three months).

– A Vietnam visa application form with the completed information (downloading at the site or buy it at the Vietnam Embassy

Kinds of visa that Tunisian citizens can submit: tourist visas, business visas and transit visas.

Vietnam tourist visa is the most popular. It is the most common with validity of 30 days applied for both single and multiple entries through international borders. If travelers want to stay longer, they can ask for a visa extension up to 90 days.

Vietnam business visa is used for any Tunisian citizens who wish to enterVietnam for investing or finding markets. In this case, visa validity will be from 30 days to 90 days from the date of entry. And a visa extension will be also applied if these applicants want to stay longer.

A multiple entries visa seems to be more useful for applicants who submit a business visa because it allows the travelers to enter and exitVietnamseveral times during the validity of the visa.

– The last one is transit visa. The validity of a transit visa is less than 5 days then visa holders must depart to a third country after 5 days inVietnamat maximum.

For further concern or information of visa for Tunisians, please refer the article “apply Vietnam visa for Tunisia”.

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