Vietnam visa for Ukrainians

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Vietnam visa for Ukrainians

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa for Ukrainians

Vietnam visa for landing

Ukrainians are required visa for entering or existing Vietnamwith any purposes: business or tourism. Vietnam visa for Ukrainians are issued by foreign affair bureau of Vietnam such as Embassy or Consulate at their country or applying visa to Vietnam from another country.

With the aim to help Ukrainians have good knowledge of visa application, we’d like to provide some Vietnam visa information.

Applicants fromUkrainehave 2 ways to get visa: through Vietnam Immigration Departments directly or through a legitimated agent inVietnam.

Applying visa directly at the Vietnam Embassy in Ukraineis the traditional way. The visa application form will be sent to Vietnamimmigration department. If they agree, the information will be sent back to Vietnam Embassy in Ukraine. Applicants’ task is to wait for obtaining Vietnam visa. At the Embassy, applicants will be instructed procedures for applying visa.

Generally, it is easier, quicker and hassle-free to apply the visa through a travel agency because the only in-hand document need to prepare is an original passport with 2 blank pages at maximumThe processing time takes applicants two – working days, depending on the type ofVietnam visa suggested.

Applying Vietnam visas at the immigration gates or other calledVietnam visa on arrival. This is used when there is noVietnam embassy. In this case the agent will send applicants’ information of visa application to consulate or embassy general ofVietnam to ask forVietnam visa approval letter. At the international immigration gates ofVietnam, after showing the copy of approval letter, the immigration officers will provide travelers an officialVietnam visa.

In order to know more about Vietnam visa on arrival and process to obtain it, applicants cant refer the article apply for visa Vietnam online.

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