Vietnam visa from Cambodia

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa from Cambodia

For travelers, who wishing to enterCambodiafirst and intending to go on toVietnamafterwards, they must apply visa.

However, travelers from Cambodiacan choose between two ways of Vietnam visa application: at the Vietnam Embassy inCambodia or at theVietnam international airports with visa on arrival.

  1. Applying visa at the Embassy of Vietnam

The Vietnam Embassy in Sihanoukville is marked on most maps of the city, although it can take a bit of cruising up and down the road on the back of motorbike taxis to spot its entrance gates.

At the VietnamEmbassy/ Consulate, travelers are directed procedure of applying visa for Vietnam.

Processing time to have the approved code take at least 5 – working days.

2. Applying visa at theVietnaminternational airports

This is a clever way to obtian visa without any wait at the Sihanoukville Vietnam Embassy.

Hereafter is the process to apply online Vietnam visa from Cambodia:

–           Taking some minutes to study information and fill the secure form online (secure form is visa application form);

–           After several minutes of waiting, you will receive an affirm email automatically from the site, pay for service fee (following the instructions, travellers can pay by PayPal or by Bank transfer).

–           Wait only 2 or 3 working days to receive an approval letter via email.

–           Print the letter out and take it when coming to the Vietnam international airports.

–           In order to obtain Vietnam visas, travelers must show Vietnam visa approval letter, passport and two passport-sized photos. The immigration officers will get stamping fee and stick visa stamped on the applicants’ passport.


Vietnam visa from Cambodia is easy applied by visiting Vietnam embassy in the capital Phnom Penh or apply Vietnam visa online via a legitimated agent prior the departure to Vietnam, process to obtain.

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