Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Brazil citizens

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Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Brazil citizens

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Brazil citizensBrazil is one of countries in Vietnam visa required list. In other words, citizens of this country wishing to enter Vietnam for any purpose are demanded to get visa. In order to get this done, visa fee certainly should be paid. With an aim to give travelers information about the cheapest way to get visa, the section Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Brazil citizens is composed.

How many types of fee should visitors pay to get visa on arrival?

The cost of visa on arrival is divided into two types: visa approval fee and stamping fee. For each type of fee, travelers should pay by different means and pay to different recipients.

What is visa approval fee?

Approval fee or service fee is the kind of fee that applicants need to complete to get Vietnam visa approval letter issued. For Brazil passport holders, this fee is various from USD 20 up to USD 40/ person according to each visa type that applicant requested. After completing Vietnam visa application online, applicants should choose PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union to send approval fee to visa agent that ask submit your visa request to Vietnam Immigration Department for processing on your behalf.

What is visa stamping fee?

Stamping fee is the fee to get official Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport. It needs to be paid to Vietnam Immigration officers upon travelers land at Vietnam international airport. According to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, stamping fee is same for citizens of any countries. Specifically, each passenger needs to pay USD 45 for single entry visa, USD 65 for multiple entries visa of no longer than 29 days and USD 95 for multiple entries visa of longer than 29 days and less than 90 days.

Why should get visa on arrival?

Briefly, it is obviously that the total cost for a visa on arrival request of one month single entry visa is USD 65 including USD 20 for approval fee and USD 45 for stamping fee. In comparison with picking up visa at Embassy of Vietnam, this fee is much cheaper because Vietnam embassies often charge USD 80 at least for a visa request.

In addition, applying Vietnam visa on arrival is also highly recommended because of its simple procedure. With this visa type, applicants just need to spend a few minutes submitting visa application online and sending approval fee. Within two business days, visa approval letter will be issued and sent to your email. Now, you just need to get on plane with your visa letter. Upon landing at Vietnam airport, you should present it together required document and pay stamping fee, so that you can get official visa stamped without visiting any embassy.

For any further information about Vietnam visa on arrival fee for Brazil citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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