Vietnam visa on arrival for Canada

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Vietnam visa on arrival for Canada

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa on arrival for Canada

Vietnam visa on arrival for Canada

As being mentioned on the article “Vietnam visa online for Canada“, visa on arrival is available to be issued for all Canadian passport holders if they land at one of three international airports in Vietnam so they can apply it everywhere with any devices connected internet.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Canada is simplified to help procedure entering and exiting Vietnam easier. It is legitimated because it was stated in the Immigration Laws of Vietnam Article 24, 1999, clause #6, Chapter II and is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

It is advised for Canadian passport holders who live far from the Vietnam Embassy or live in the areas without Embassy or Consulate being located.

In order to apply Vietnam visa on arrival, the applicants do not need to go to the Vietnam Embassy, stay at home and contact an authorized agent to ask for a Vietnam visa approval letter. Thank to the letter, they can get visa stamp at the international immigration gate of Vietnam airport. Payment method is also so easy, simple and quick.

Hereafter are four simple steps to apply visa on arrival.

– Study instructions at site and fill all information of a secured form.

–  After receiving an affirm email automatically from the site, pay for service fee (Pay Pal or Bank transfer and Western Union are two kinds of methods required by this site).

–  Wait 2 – working days for receiving a Vietnam visa approval letter via email or fax, remember to print it out and take it to the Vietnam international airports.

–  Show the passport, the approval letter and two passport-sized photos at the immigration gates of the airport and pay stamping fee to obtain visa.

On arrival Vietnam visa fee will save applicants at least 20% over getting a visa at embassy because there will be no consulate fee, no transportation fee to visit an embassy and there will be no postage fee as everything is done over email.

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